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Hey science-friends! Welcome to Ms. Antimatter [wink]. Ms. Antimatter is owned and operated by science enthusiast and certified nerd girl, Danielle Di Vincenzo. We are an indy apparel company from Toronto, Canada with printing facilities in California. When we started our biz 10 years ago, we were all about the humble t-shirt, but now we are thrilled to offer all sorts of miscellaneous scientifica. Special note: All of our merchandise is printed using planet-friendly inks. Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy our science experiment.


  Meet Our Team

It takes a village! Meet the weird and wonderful folks who contribute to our mission; from the design studio to the IT department, this is who we are and what makes us nerdy.
Danielle Di Vincenzo a.k.a. Ms. Antimatter
Ms. Antimatter

Owner. Designer. Control Freak.

Font-obsessed synesthete with cybernetic aspirations


Geography wunderkind and buckyball superstar


Chaga-rustling, elixir-hustling, spiritual gansta


Psychology aficionado and neuroplastic shapeshifter


Office barista and epicurean bean counter


Guitar wielding office-muse and hydroponic kingpin



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