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Ms. Antimatter Thumbnail ImageHello science friends! We want to thank you for the wonderful support you've shown us over the last 11 years. You are an amazing bunch of geeks and we love you all! But as we all know, nothing stays the same forever. Up until last year we were printing all garments in-house but in recent months this has become an impossible task for us. This, combined with our desire to offer customers more than just t-shirts, tilted the balance of our pros and cons list. After a lot of deep thinking, late-night coffee drinking and many restless sleeps, we decided to shift all printing and merchandise management to a fantastic drop-shipping company in California. 


On a personal note

Those of you who know me [Ms. Antimatter] from the convention circuit know that I am a total control freak so the decision to outsource my printing and production to another company was not a light one. Before I started selling my shirts at shows and conventions I was just a nerdy girl sitting in front of my computer, clicking away the hours on Illustrator, hoping that someday someone would like my t-shirt designs enough to give me money for them! And you did. You really did! My dear science comrades, please know that you have left a sizeable imprint on me and I will very much miss the great conversations we have shared over the years. Let me just say, thinking about all of you brings tears to my eyes and steams up my nerd girl glasses. I would love to mention you all by name ...kind of like on Romper Room when I was a kid, but I'm pretty sure that would be some sort of privacy violation, ya think? Anyway, you know who you are. From the bottom of my aorta, I love you all! xoxo.



Yikes, what does this mean? Don't worry, it's all good! Ms. Antimatter is still fully owned by Danielle Di Vincenzo. It is merely the printing and shipping that have been outsourced to another company that specializes in such things. Our website will soon be able to offer more products: t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, leggings, pillows, totes, mugs, posters, etc.


Will you still be selling your merchandise at shows and conventions in Canada? Sorry, we will no longer be selling merchandise at shows. We finished up our last show in September (Fan Expo) and we are now doing online-sales only. 


Can I still place online orders from Canada? Yes, you can but all shipments will now be coming from the USA which means a longer wait time for Canadian deliveries and possibly customs fees as well (...sorry). Please review our shipping page for estimated delivery times. You will also notice an increase in our prices from what you are accustomed to as our default currency has become USD. We have included a currency convertor drop-down menu at the top of our website to help you with this transition.


Can I place online orders from the USA? Absolutely! Since we now operate from California, shipping throughout the USA is easy-peasy.


Can I place online orders from all other countries? Yes, we now offer shipping to most other countries. Jippie!


Will the designs look the same? Yes, our designs will remain somewhat the same but the printing process will be a little different, so we cannot guarantee absolute consistency with what you may have purchased in the past. The ink will be eco-friendly, the same as before!


Can I return or exchange an item I've purchased online? You know what they say; measure twice, cut once! Please check out the sizing & care video on our size guide page. Returns happen. It's okay! We urge you to read our return policy page to get to the nitty-gritty. 


If you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to email me. Thank you so much :) 

Scientifically yours,

Danielle Di Vincenzo /Ms. Antimatter 




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