A Collision of Science and Design

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How The Experiment Began ...by Ms. Antimatter

Okay, so here's the irony. When I was in high school (many, many years ago) I hated math and science. This was a common sentiment shared by most of my female classmates. Perhaps hate is too strong of a word. Although I had a mild interest in scientific things, I found it to be an intimidating, male-dominated area of study and the teen version of myself was very uncomfortable with it! I vividly remember my grade 11 teacher imploring me to continue my mathematical studies but it was to no avail. In favor of the arts, I dropped math after grade 11, and science too. I wanted to have fun and express myself with color, shape and form and I simply preferred the open subjectiveness of painting, graphics and photography. In the decade that followed me into adulthood, I continued on to design college and spent my time wildly exercising the right side of my brain.

The term, science, encompasses many disciplines. It was astronomy that became the discipline that re-established my connection to the sciences after getting a telescope as a gift from my boyfriend. Suddenly, in my 30's, after years of artistic exploration, I had an exciting new curiosity for concepts I'd shunned in my teen years; the computable, the measured and the proven. I put my art-brain on the back-burner and like a starving Anobium Punctatum, I lived at the library, consuming book after book on astronomy, astrophysics, theoretical physics and chemistry, frantically exercising the left side of my brain. The telescope had become the catalyst and through its eyepiece I saw an entirely new view of the universe.

Great things are revealed when particles collide. After several years of ingesting all that yummy scientific information I was satisfied and ready to forge ahead. But what does one do with new-found knowledge? In 2007, using clothing as my medium, I put my art skills back to use and created a brand of apparel called MS. ANTIMATTER. Designing t-shirts and apparel is my way of introducing people to the weird and wonderful world of science; a world I nearly missed out on. I've been on a journey down the rabbit hole ever since, into the realm of fandom, and I LOVE it!!

I sell my t-shirts at comic book trade shows and geek festivals all across Canada. But my belly's not full. Often asked if I'm a scientist, I laugh hard and confess that I'm merely an enthusiast with a desperate desire to be an astrophysicist. There's so much more to learn about this amazing holodeck we all share. When I was a teen, I never would've thought that science could be so interesting and so beautiful. Sadly, the sciences and the arts are often pitted up against each other as being diametrically opposed; so that if you love one, you can't possibly love the other. Well, I am thrilled to disprove this anachronistic theory! In fact, the sciences and the arts are perfectly symbiotic. As with the human brain, both hemispheres contribute to both kinds of processes, inextricably weaving a fabric of total understanding.

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